09.23.12Alicia to Judge the USA Competition and Showcase

09.01.12The Smooth Dancesr and BDE yet again, here we come Palm Desert...

08.04.12Greek Theatre!! Alicia and Willem perform to DJ live on stage with Andy and Shani...

07.29.12Andy Moradian and Shani Music Video!!

Alicia and Willem perform for the music video- DJ. Also guest hip hop crew Yuki!!

07.14.12Alicia and Will master class at Debbie Allen Studio!

07.14.12Ballroom Dance Entertainment Ensemble Performs at Desert Classic!!

05.19.12Alicia and Will to perform headlining for Mary Murphy from SYTYCD

Moullin Rouge is the theme and we have it covered. 3 performances...theatrical tango- Roxanne, vaudeville Foxtrot- I am a Good Girl, and Can Can Cha/Jive- So you CAN CAN CAN!

05.04.12Alicia and Willem perform the film choreography of Puss and Boots with the Helios Dance Company at the Annenburg Beach House!

05.03.12Ballroom Dance Entertainment Ensemble Performs at Emerald Ball!!

04.13.12Vital Juice!! On Alicia Richardson

03.20.12Salsa Grand Opening at Pyramido in North Hollywood- Ballroom Dance Entertainment presents "El Club Nocturno" and the Tango Maniac's argentine show with Sergei Tumas

03.17.12CARNIVAL CHOREOGRAPHERS BALL- Tango with Sergei Tumas and the Ballroom Dance Entertainment Professionals

03.09.12Hotel Bel Air Event

Professional show in the 50's style in association with BDA. Choreography by Alicia Richardson- "You're the One that I Want" from the award-winning movie and musical "Grease"

02.26.12USA Dance Event at the Regency

BDA Amateur Ensemble performs the Waltz and Tango from the show "Club Nocturno"

02.04.12AFFMA Presents "Burlesco"

As Creative Producer, Alicia Richardson and the BDA Professionals will present an "EVENING OF BURLESQUE" starring Natalie Dermesropian, JP Gillain, and designer Pol Atteu. The distinguished guests will be hosted at the historic Oviatt Building's glamorous Cicada Club. This will be an evening NOT to miss.
go to itsmyseat.com for details and tickets

01.28.12BDA Amateur and Professional Ensemble'

Debut performance of the BDA Amateur Ensemble at the Hollywood Academy in Van Huys. From the "Club Nocturno" show, 2 numbers will be performed for the community along with a Pro solo by Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind

11.02.11Master Class Series and Performance Ensemble

Check out this new Master Workshop created by Alicia in cooperation with BDA's Natalia Lind and Michael Kuka. Students participating in the classes will have an opportunity to audition and be scouted for the performance troupe. Bookings beginning in December so don't miss this series!

05.14.11Mic Wom Shom

See Alicia's interview on ballroom dance therapy and a performance with Michael Adegoke for TV's Mic Wom Show. She speaks about her dance background and utilizing her talents to help others overcome difficulties in health and life to make an everlasting contribution to the dance community and those in need of help.

01.01.11Ra' anana Symphony New Year presentation

3 classical music videos produced, choreographed and performed by Alicia for the Ra' anana symphonic New Year's celebration. Gowns sponsored by Lenique Filmed by director Lior Chefetz Dancers: Willem DeVries, Christopher Beroiz, Natalia Lind, Murisa Harba, Jonathan Doone, Alicia Richardson

12.04.10Melissa Manchester and "Fascinating Rhythms" at the Rubicon Theatre

Fabulous sold out performance of Ballroom and Tap Dance along with Grammy Awarding Winning Singer and Songwriter, Melissa Manchester.

11.13.10Wellness Day at the Soho House Los Angeles

A day of wellness at the Soho House in the heart of Hollywood, Ca. Alicia hosts massage therapist Laura Manderino, hip-hop instructor Benjamin Allen, yoga master Linda Eifer, Life Creations life coaching, and her own Ballroom fitness class for the members of Soho. So fun!!

08.12.10Hd Net's "Svetlana"

Mark Cuban's flagship comedy "SVETLANA" starring Iris Barr and Maksim Chmerkovskiy doing a sexy, humorous tango/rumbaesque performance. Dancing with the Stars meets Madam of Russian Hollywood. Choreographed by Alicia Richardson. Check it on on HD Net.

08.09.10Feature Film

Feature Horror Film project- the couples dance scene. Choreographed by Alicia Richardson. Coming Soon!

07.12.10Raksa studio and Alicia Richardson

Coming Soon!!
A new lecture and dance workshop is in the works to be debuted at the Raksa wellness studio in Culver City. The seminar series will include everything from the famous dance drill class to relationship interaction and lady's styling. Steam up the windows because some hot dancing and deep thought will provoke your mind and body!

10.21.09Robert Thicke- "Dreamworld"

Music Video- Robin Thicke's "Dreamworld" Choreography and performance by Alicia Richardson.

01.10.09Dancing with the Stars

Seasons promotional commercials- street dancing scenes in Santa Monica. Choreographed and performed by Alicia Richardson.


Dancing with the Stars special edition- Heather Mills. Instruction and starring Alicia Richardson.